[ECOS] Evaluator 7t - Reboot and gdb difficulties (with some progress!) [SUCCESS 8-) ]

Mark Salter msalter@redhat.com
Wed May 22 06:11:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> James Harris writes:

> I built the program with

> arm-elf-gcc -o hello hello.c -Wl,x=armelf.x
> or something like that... Anyway the armelf.x file is the linker file that 
> moved the program to 0xC000

Okay. By default, the program will link with the Angel interfaces provided
in newlib. The libgloss module on sources.redhat.com has support for linking
apps to run on RedBoot targets. With that built and installed, you can do
something like:

  % arm-elf-gcc -specs=redboot.specs -o hello hello.c

This links to 0x20000.

You can specify a different address like this:

  % arm-elf-gcc -specs=redboot.specs -Ttext=0xc000 -o hello hello.c

> My final question is this....

> The test is built as a RAM image... 
> Given that Red Boot is not providing any operating system resources, from the 
> last email, am I correct in saying

> "basic" is a standalone program that contains an eCos core that is loaded 
> into, and executes from, RAM and this core runs the short test code 
> application which then exits leaving the core in an idle loop?

Yes. That's basically how it works.


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