[ECOS] Re: gcc 3.x for linux synthetic... a build question

rdim_outside@softhome.net rdim_outside@softhome.net
Wed May 22 05:50:00 GMT 2002

You mean --without-newlib, correct? It will be a regular gcc for linux. 

Then I'm getting lot of warnings and error about .gcc_except_table...:(
(See original msg). 

Any idea? 

Thank you!

Ashok I. writes: 

> then build the gcc ver 3.0 for linux and not for linux synth targets
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----
> Thank you for your answer. To regret, I can't use good old tools because
> gcc 
> 2.96 I have on linux RH7.1 does not create properly VMTs - I wrote this
> in 
> my original message.  
> Ashok I. writes:  
>> no need to build a seperate set of tools for linux synthetic target.
>> Use the good old gdb,gcc and binutils that exist already for linux  

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