[ECOS]configuring heap memory

David N. Welton davidw@dedasys.com
Tue May 21 07:39:00 GMT 2002

Jonathan Larmour <jlarmour@redhat.com> writes:

> Or you can edit the .ldi and .h files in the include/pkgconf
> directory. Define a heap2 in exactly the same way (other than the
> address) as heap1 was defined. Use the definition of heap1 to guide
> you in how to define heap2.

Here's my stab at an example, at least for i386 floppy (although
presumably the others might be made to work in a similar fashion?), as
this seems to be a FAQ:

In heaps.hxx:


Tacked on to the *end* of mlt_i386_pc_floppy.h:

#ifndef __ASSEMBLER__
extern char CYG_LABEL_NAME (__heap2) [];
#define CYGMEM_SECTION_heap2 (CYG_LABEL_NAME (__heap2))
#define CYGMEM_SECTION_heap2_SIZE (0xa00000)
                                   ^^^^^^^^ insert whatever here

The end of mlt_i386_pc_floppy.ldi:

    CYG_LABEL_DEFN(__heap1) = ALIGN (0x8);
    CYG_LABEL_DEFN(__heap2) = ALIGN (0x8);

Those seemed to do the trick for me!

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