[ECOS] I can't see vectors.s in the insight5.0?

peter_ku peter_ku@issc.com.tw
Mon May 20 07:37:00 GMT 2002


I use insight5.0 + redboot to debug my simple program.  my target is E7T.
My simple file is start.c
and I build the ecos by default. (I didn't change any setting)
gcc -g -IBASE/ecos_install/include/ start.c -LBASE/ecos_install/lib/ -Ttarget.ld -nostdlib

to generate a a.out

arm-elf-gdb a.out     to launch the insight

but when I start to use insight to debug, I found the program stop at main( ) (in main.cxx) , and main( ) call cyg_usr_start( )
then I try to set the breakpoint at reset_vector or start (in vectors.s) , I can't see the complete source code of vectors.s and I can't run vectors.s step by step.

How can I let my code run as follows, and I can see my vectors.s in the insight5.0.

start (or reset_vector) -> cyg_start -> cyg_user_start

other than run through main( )

thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

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