[ECOS] Regarding eCos

Jesper Skov jskov@redhat.com
Thu May 16 02:14:00 GMT 2002

On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 08:58, Shrikar wrote:
> Hi ,
> I am new to eCos. I have studied eCos but not in complete detail. I want to
> use eCos for my new project. I need your help.
> I have got one basic doubt regarding eCos.
> What are the compiler dependencies for eCos ? Is it GNU(or any other
> complier) specific ? (something like newlib)

It's fairly dependant on GCC, but I believe many of those dependencies
may be in the form of macros that can be overrriden.

> If I want to use my own tool chain to build eCos can I do that easily.?


> If eCos has got some compiler dependencies is it possible to remove them ?

Yes. It's software, after all :|

> If 'Yes' where can I find a document describing removal of the compiler
> dependencies of eCos ?

No. You'd be on your own.


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