[ECOS] about cygmem_memalloc_heaps variable

peter_ku peter_ku@issc.com.tw
Tue May 14 06:31:00 GMT 2002


My hw-target is E7T, when I trace the code

in malloc.cxx
	# define POOL (*cygmem_memalloc_heaps[0])

	void *
	malloc( size_t size )
		  data_ptr = POOL.try_alloc( size );

in heap.hxx
	extern Cyg_Mempool_dlmalloc *cygmem_memalloc_heaps[ 2 ];

I can't see where to declare the cygmem_memalloc_heaps variable.
Any one can help me?

Thanks a lot!!

Best Regards,

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