[ECOS] Linux Synthetic and networking

Andrew Lunn andrew.lunn@ascom.ch
Tue May 14 00:54:00 GMT 2002

On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 11:13:26AM -0500, Stephen Polkowski wrote:
> Hi all,
> 	Does the Linux Synthetic platform allow networking on the native system? 
>   In other words, does the ECOS kernel default to native linux socket 
> calls, or is ECOS simulating a fake network stack internally? I'm 
> looking to debug a tcpip application, but I need to connect to it from a 
>   seperate tcpip client (ie ftp server and client).

You say client. Well eCos has an FTP client. Look in
net/tcpip/ftpclient. You can test your ftp server with this client,
using IP address, or what ever you have assigned to the
loopback device.


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