[ECOS] Help eCos

Francesco Regazzoni fregazzo@erasmus.cdc.polimi.it
Thu May 9 02:34:00 GMT 2002

Dear anyone,

I'm trying to run eCos on an i586 (it's only to try and I haven't a 386).

I buildt an ecos system under linux using:

ecosconfig -v new pc redboot

Then I added some packages:


Then, to have even redboot.bin file:

ecosconfig -v --no-resolve import 

I need to solve 1 conflict:

CYGSEM_HAL_ROM_MONITOR. "requires" constraint not satisfied: 
Possible solution:
CYGHWR_HAL_I386_FPU_SWITHC_LAZY -> 0 (disabled)

I solve it, then

ecosconfig -v tree

I copied the file redboot.bin on floppy, and I reboot from it
and I had redboot prompt.

Now, to run eCos and application under eCos(from floppy, hard disk or 
serial cable) what I have to to?

Thanks for the help.


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