[ECOS] Running eCos help request

Marco Brambilla mbrambil@treebeard.cdc.polimi.it
Thu May 9 01:57:00 GMT 2002

Dear anyone,

We read the eCos and RedBoot docs in order to run a test program (say 
'hallo-world application')on RedBoot on a i386 via serial.
We followed all the instruction about settin up the connection and 
executing the program.
When the connection is estabilished (via GDB) a number (which we suppose 
to be the target program counter) appaers in the GDB shell, but after 
executing the "continue" instruction no hallo world is printed.

Why ?

If I have a file  on the root of a partition (hda2/a.out), which is the 
correct command in the RedBoot shell to load that file ?

Thanks for the help.

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