[ECOS] [help] - MPC860 IO definition and usage?

bbelief@seed.net.tw bbelief@seed.net.tw
Mon May 6 04:34:00 GMT 2002

Hi, I am very new to ECOS.
I am doing the development with PSIM(simulator) because my hardware is not ready yet.
It will be very appreciated if you can help me to answer these questions.
A. I am confused about the realtion between ECOS and Redboot. I suppose that ECOS already include Redboot but I am not sure.
B. It looks like ECOS is waiting for GBD command after power on, I don't know what is the real world of the ECOS running because I don't have a MBX. That's why I don't understand how can I integrate apps. to ECOS and let it run at power on.
C. MPC860 has many IOs, how can I define it and get ready to be used in my code?

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