[ECOS] BOOTP question - PXE 2.0

Martin Buck martin.buck@ascom.ch
Thu May 2 04:00:00 GMT 2002

Stephen Polkowski wrote:
>         Does anyone know what the format should be for a BOOTP image?  I've setup
> a PC with a 82559 card that has it's own PXE 2.0 option rom.    My
> ultimate goal is to have it load redboot from my BOOTP server.  Does
> anyone know what PXE expects as a boot image.

AFAIK, it's treated exactly like a normal boot sector on a floppy or
HDD, i.e. it gets loaded to 0:7c00 and executed. In contrast to a normal
boot sector, it can be larger than 512 bytes, of course.

> I can't seem to find any
> references to the NBP (network boot program) format.

If you want to know all the ugly details, have a look at the PXE spec:


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