[ECOS] RedBoot Woes

Charles Schweizer cbs2@ee.duke.edu
Wed Mar 27 08:55:00 GMT 2002

   I am stuck on the first step to getting eCos running on my laptop.  I 
downloaded redboot.bin and threw it on a floppy.  Trying to boot my 
laptop from this floppy brings up boot messages and a redboot prompt, 
but after this the system becomes entirely unresponsive.  If I have 
hyperterminal connected from my main machine, the same text shows up 
there, but I still can't type commands or get responses.  Booting my 
main machine from the same floppy works fine (I can type redboot 
commands and get appropriate responses), so it's not the disk.  Any 
ideas on what the problem might be, or how I could go about isolating it?

Laptop specs: Netlux NX-7321, AMD mobile Athlon 4 w/ VIA chipset
Main machine: Dell Precision 330, P4

Please respond to cbs2@ee.duke.edu

   Charles Schweizer
   Duke University

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