[ECOS] ecos == slow ??

Stijn Symons stijn.symons@acunia.com
Tue Mar 26 12:56:00 GMT 2002

Hi all,

Is eCos slow or our are we missing something here? Were porting a Java
Virtual Machine to eCos, but it's much slower than running it on
embedded linux in it's original code.  The VM starts in about 5 seconds
on Linux where the ecos port only starts after about 5 minutes (no joke,
we timed it).

We ported it by mapping al the primitives that the VM uses (mutexes,
threads, queue, the whole bunch) to ecos, so there aren't many layers in

any comments? Our target is a Compaq IPAQ pocket pc.

kind regards,

Stijn and Tom

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