[ECOS] Getting Started stalled out..

Brian Findlay brfindla@yahoo.com
Sun Mar 24 11:32:00 GMT 2002

I'm trying to get ECOS running on a target for the
first time,so please assume that I am pretty ignorant
at this point. I havebuilt the hello.exe image for
Motorola  Power PC 860 FADS board and am trying to
download it using a JTAG debugger (MaCraigor Raven). 
I have walked through the code starting at 0x10000 and
it blows up whenI reach function hal_varian_IRQ_init
doing a write to the SIMASK, it goes to interrupt
vector 0x1200 (page fault).
This confuses me for several reasons, if anyone can
shed some light on this I would really appreciate it.
Some questions and observations below:
(1) I believed once you made an simple test image for
a supported processor and platform, it should just
(2) Is there a dependance on a RedBoot ROM, or other
ROM (which I don't have).
(3) Where can I find the function
hal_variant_IRQ_init.. no luck on finding assembler
code with grep. Is there some renaming going on
somewhere or something like this?
(4) Any good pointers to some decent documentation on
how to download and run this, only relevant thing I
found was
and this really wasn't much help....
Any comments at all are appreciated...
Brian Findlay

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