[ECOS] arm-thumb advice needed

Cristian VLASIN cris@astechnix.cluj.astral.ro
Fri Mar 22 09:19:00 GMT 2002

		Hi all, 

	I'm trying to compile my eCos with thumb and I think something is wrong 
because my binary gets bigger than the non-thumb one. 
	Here is what I have done: 
		-built the binutils as described for thumb on eCos webpage 
http://sources.redhat.com/ecos/tools/linux-thumb-elf.html  (it seems to me 
that the page is similar with the simple arm one - should it be so?)
		-built gcc (3.0.3) also as described there
		-copied an example of redboot (which I have previously compiled for my
EB40 card)
		-adjusted compiler flags with "-mthumb-interworking" and activated 
thumb+interworking in HAL (it doesn't compile with simple "-mthumb") 
		-compiled and obtained a binary which is larger than the first one

	Can anyone tell me if I'm right or give me some advice to make it right?

	Thanks in advance,

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