[ECOS] Question: Atmel AT91 board family

Pete Barrie Peter.Barrie@cis.strath.ac.uk
Fri Mar 22 07:50:00 GMT 2002

Hi. Thanks to the group for various bits of help on eCos
I'm up and running and pleased with progress on AT91EB40 with
AT91R40807 (136K Internal SRAM) and 512K external SRAM

I'm evaluating this as a teaching platform for http://www.sli-institute.ac.uk
to augment (and maybe replace some) Wind River stuff.

I would like to use the AT91EB55 evaluation board.

Questions: are there any eCos/Redboot issues relating to
the AT91EB55 platform that anybody can share? This platform has
only 8K internal SRAM.
Is the larger 136K internal RAM actually used
in the EB40 port? I don't see a reference to this area in the
eCos Memory Layout section, other than 00 - 0FFF.

Has anybody undertaken the EB55 port? I would like to know
before I spend time doing this.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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