[ECOS] Lose GDB connection after net download

David Hsu davidhsu@realtek.com.tw
Wed Mar 20 19:35:00 GMT 2002

>> Hello,
>> I build the redboot with net support (by using my own Ethernet driver) under PC platform.

>For what card OOI?

My ethernet driver is for Realtek 8139C+.

>> I could generate the binary image, and boot it successfully. Also I am able to ping the redboot or download any application program through 
>>Ethernet by GDB. However, after the downloading was finished, the debugger can't be stopped by any breakpoint. The GDB will lose the 
>>connection with target.

>There are various CDL options which, if changed from default, could cause
>this. Have you changed any from the default in your application's eCos

Yes, I have enabled ROM_MONITOR and set startup type to "floppy". However, these changes are working via I82559 adapter. 

Could you tell me where might be the problem?



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