[ECOS] State of ECOS

Stephen Polkowski stephen@centtech.com
Wed Mar 20 17:51:00 GMT 2002


	I came across the following news article on CNET today.
It mentions that there's been a cut in the ECOS staff.  Is this a
serious change to the ECOS team?  What's Red Hat long term goal for 
ECOS?  Just curious.


  Red Hat on Tuesday also announced that it has cut staff in "embedded" 
work, which focuses on selling programming tools, Linux and another 
open-source operating system called eCos for non-PC computing devices 
such as network routers.

Szulik said the embedded division "did not perform as expected," blaming 
the shortfall on economic conditions and the resulting cuts at chip 
companies that buy embedded products and services. Red Hat acquired its 
embedded business when it bought programming toolmaker Cygnus Solutions 
in 1999.


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