[ECOS] cygmon endian?

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Wed Mar 20 11:29:00 GMT 2002

yoocomet wrote:
> I use cygmon 2.05 on my board
> My board is similar to ixp1200 evaluation board.
> I'd like to use linux on my board.
> Bilding Cygmon 2.05 image is big-endian and I have to byte swap for Cygmon image.
> As a result cygom booting on my board.
> when cygmon was big-endian that can't boot.
> linux kernel downloaded by tftp in ixp1200 eval board.
> linux kernel was copy to SDRAM area from flash memory in my board.
> linux kernel was works big-endian in ixp1200 eval board.
> but linux kernel didn't works big-endian in my board,
> There is only works little-endian mode.
> I guess cygmon was wrong but I don't know.
> I've checked ixp1200 register related endian.
> It was set big-endian mode.
> Could you help me?

Not really, sorry. Cygmon is no longer supported. RedBoot is the future. Of
course it would be useful for you to inspect memory and see how Cygmon laid
out the loaded kernel, checking if too few/many byte swaps have occurred.

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