umesh jaiswal umeshcj@yahoo.com
Tue Mar 19 03:41:00 GMT 2002

Hi all... 
Currently Iam working on PPP on ecos for i386 pc. As
ecos 1.3.1 is not supporting net package I have go for
ecoscvs ,so I updated my repository last week .

but the problem with repository code is that whenever
I made a floppy with my application or with given
standard example with ecos,it is booting fine but
unable to display anything on screen . I have made all
the suitable change in hal/pc/cdl,but no output at
all.I tried to trace the problem by debugging it with
redboot,what I find is that  the output is not
redirecting on the screen may be due to vertual serial

whereas the same  standard example given with ecos is
running fine with ecos-1.3.1 displaying everything on
the screen,when I boot my pc with floppy.
  Can anybody having the same problem with latest ecos
cvs code ? Or Am I doing the mistake somewhere?
 Need a help from  ecos expert like you !!!


Umesh Jaiswal

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