[ECOS] problems compiling ecos with posix template

michael shiloh michael@magrittesystems.com
Thu Mar 14 21:53:00 GMT 2002

hello all,

just spoke to a redhat guy at the embedded systems
conference about trouble i was having including posix
compatibility in ecos. i watched while he followed 
these steps. they worked for him, but not for me.
i'm hoping someone here can shed some light. 

I did not confirm that his host environment was 
the same as mine (but what would you expect redhat 
to be using?). target was the same.

my host: x86, linux redhat 7.2
target: pc

versions: cvs as of 3/14/02

sequence of steps:

     ecosconfig new pc posix
     ecosconfig tree


In file included from
/.../packages/compat/posix/current/src/new.h:35: `new_handler'
   not declared
/.../packages/compat/posix/current/src/new.h:36: `set_new_handler'
   not declared
<internal>: In function `void* mq_open(const char*, int, ...)':
<internal>:293: too many arguments to function 
    `void* operator new(long unsigned int)'
at   this point in file
make[1]: *** [src/mqueue.o.d] Error 1

as usual, any ideas or suggestions would be greatly


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