[ECOS] Buidling a stand-alone application on ARM E7T

Jacques Ehrlich ehrlich@lcpc.fr
Thu Mar 7 10:23:00 GMT 2002


once a program has been debugged using arm-elf-gdb, I would like to know the
next steps to convert this program to a stand-alone programm that can be
started by the bootstrap loader (BSL).

I tried as follow but it doesn't work :
1) suppress the -g option in Ecos Configuration tools
2) rebuild the ecos library
3) compile my code without the -g option
4) link to the ecos library
5) uuencode the .exe file
6) download into E7T SRAM using BSL
7) transfer into E7T Flash using BSL (flashwrite)

Afterwards, typing the BSL command, "rommodules", but the new code doesn't
appear in the list of modules.

Thank you for your help.
Jacques Ehrlich | LIVIC (INRETS-LCPC) |
Laboratoire sur les Interactions Véhicules, Infrastructure, Conducteurs
tel:33(0)1 4043 2903 | fax:33(0)1 4043 2930 | mob:33(0)6 6336 9499

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