Re:[ECOS] Error Message when I install net-1_01b1.epk

Patrice GERIN
Thu Mar 7 09:33:00 GMT 2002

I had the same problem with an over package.
The problem was in the ecosadmin.tcl under cygwin.
The solution is to install manually the package.
In fact, the .epk file is a Zip file. You can use the following command to decompress the package.

    gzip -d -S .epk the_package.epk

You will obtain the same file without extension.

This decompressed file is a tar file.
Go in the ecos "packages" directory and decompress it:

    tar -xvof the_package

the package files will be added in the directory and a pkgadd.db file will be extracted in the current directory.
You just have to had the content of this file in the ecos.db file and the new package will be accessible in the ecos configuration tool.


> I am trying to install ecos for the first time for the Cirrus CDB89712
> board.
> Build the toolchain no problem.  But I need to install the net-1_01b1.epk
> I tried it with:
> Package Administration Tool
> ./ecosadmin.tcl add net-1.0b1.epk
> cygtclsh80 ecosadmin.tcl add net-1.0b1.epk
> All ways I get the same following error.
> ecosadmin error: extracting pkgadd.db:
> couldn't execute "gunzip": no such file or directory
> My host is a i686 with Window XP.
> I have checked the PATH and the ECOS_REPOSITORY both seems to be correct.
> Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or is there any other way to do
> this.
> Many Thanks
> Ray B.
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