[ECOS] Patch redboot tcp, suggestion

Hendrik Ruijter hendrik.ruijter@axis.com
Mon Mar 4 05:24:00 GMT 2002

Jonathan Larmour wrote:
> Hendrik Ruijter wrote:
>>HTTP might require active close on the server side
>>repeatedly. The attached patch makes it possible to
>>mark a "socket" as reusable and ignores the RFC 793
>>2 minute MSL.
>>The code was defect for the state transition from
>>FIN_WAIT_1 to TIME_WAIT. An extra FIN was sent and
>>the state CLOSING was entered. Corrected.
>>Test case: active close in redboot tcp.
> This seems fine, unless anyone else has any comments. Do you have a proper
> ChangeLog entry?

2002-02-25  Hendrik Ruijter  <Hendrik.Ruijter@axis.com>

	* Turn off 2MSL to reuse port after active close. Repaired state
	transition to TIME_WAIT on active close when FIN,ACK received

Hendrik Ruijter

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