[ECOS] Weird problem about redboot display

A Roturier roturier@hotmail.com
Fri Mar 1 01:33:00 GMT 2002

Hi all,

My platform is ARM7 based board. I can now burn Redboot image I built
in Windows onto the flash and boot up Redboot normally, and I can
connect to Redboot from hyper-terminal of Windows via com1 and give
commands there.

I then try to connect to Redboot throught [graphical] gdb in cygwin.
The connection is setup as remote/serial/38400. When Redboot is connected,
I dump memory and check registers only to find that all the values are
displayed as little-endian while Redboot is actually configured as

In such situation, if I hit 'step' button, it seems gdb takes the
wrongly ordered value(address) in pc(program counter) to execute and
can't continue any more.

So I wonder if there is any bye ordering issue that needs to be taken
care of when building Redboot image.

Thanks for any help. :p


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