[ECOS] support!!!

Jing Luo Jing@vicom.com
Thu Jan 31 16:12:00 GMT 2002

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply.
I sent to the support question to the following address, but I haven't got
any answer yet.
Can anyone help me?
And, I want to know if eCos support i960 family yet?

Wish to see your response soon!

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> From: 	Jing  Luo  
> Sent:	Thursday, January 31, 2002 10:47 AM
> To:	'ecos-info@redhat.com'
> Subject:	paid customers
> Hi,
> I am intersted in porting eCos to Intel Xcale 80200 board. I am evaluating
> eCos now.
> I have some support questions need answers as soon as possible becuase we
> need to start porting next week.
> *	What is the different between free eCos code users and paid
> commercial customers? One of the difference I got is the current open eCos
> is V1.3.1, while the paid customer can have version 1.5. and for TCP/IP
> package, free code is not a complete version, while the paid customer has.
> Is it right? and more?
> *	When eCos Version 2.0 will be released? Do you have pre-release
> document for major feature in the new release?
> *	How much for the support just for telephone support and instant
> e-mail support?
> *	How much for the development kit? What included inside?
> Best Regards,
> Jing Luo
> Firmware Engineer
> VICOM Systems Inc,
> 47281 Bayside Parkway
> Fremont, CA 94538
> Tel: 510-743-1166
> E-mail: Jing.luo@vicom.com

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