[ECOS] gcc problem

Doug Fraser dfraser@photuris.com
Thu Jan 31 04:19:00 GMT 2002

Could be a couple of things. If it was preceeded by:

undefined reference to `xxx_function'

Then you are missing an object or a library from some place.

If not, then you are running into the 24 bit branch limit
on the PPC, although for most things 'eCos', you don't find
24 bit address ranges. Look at your memory layout, you cannot
have objects linked into high memory (FLASH) calling objects
in low memory directly. Same with objects in low memory trying
to call functions way up in FLASH. Either case is likely to
violate 24 bit branch limits. You can load a register and branch


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> From: Rajendra Prasad [mailto:rajendrag@danlawinc.com]
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> Hi All,
>                  I am facing  the following problem "relocation
> turncated to fit : xxx_function". when i am compiling my application
> program on ecos using GCC(v- 2-9.6) for mpc555 micro-controller.
>    pls advice me...
>    thanks in advance.....
> Raj

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