[ECOS] Re: memory allocation

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Tue Jan 29 21:37:00 GMT 2002

Jing Luo wrote:
> Thanks.
> And in the report, it mentions eCos don't support multiprocess and
> multiprocessor.
> Then how we handle the case for 8 CPUs in eCos's showcase?

ecos doesn't support processes, only threads. But it does support symmetric
multiprocessing with those threads. This is better suited to deeply
embedded applications.
> And I found out eCos third party 3G LAB has solution for power management
> and protected memory solution based on eCos.
> How can I get the solution source code?

http://www.3glab.org/ for memory protection. eCos 2.0 for power management.
> For commercial use of eCos, how much for the paid eCos customers? Do I need
> to get eCos license?

No it's free even for commercial use, but this mailing list is all the
support you get. Red Hat sell technical support, development kits
(including fully tested and qualified development tools and eCos sources)
for your nominated hardware, training (including on-site if required), and
we will do any custom development or porting you want, too. We have many
happy customers. If you are interested, mail ecos-info@redhat.com.

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