[ECOS] DHCP server xid

Hugo Tyson hmt@redhat.com
Tue Jan 29 06:06:00 GMT 2002

Robin Farine <acnrf@dial.eunet.ch> writes:
> While updating my local eCos sources tree, I noticed a strange change in
> the tcpip package: file src/lib/dhcp_prot.c, RCS version 1.10, routine
> do_dhcp(). This routine always regenerates the XID, even in the case of
> a lease renewal. Moreover, it uses values from the interface request
> which isn't initialized at this point. If some nodes boot at the same
> time and run the same release of their software, they will probably
> generate the same XID, which ultimately results into duplicated IP
> addresses on the network ...

Hi Robin, 

I remember putting in a change to prevent exactly that.  That's the added
arc4random() call.  But...

> Could someone please give the rationale of this change, I've searched
> the ChangeLog without success (I may have missed it, though).

You'll have to ask the ASCOM Dudes, I'm afraid.  The patches came from
Anssi and Anand via Andrew - I merged them in in good faith around
2001-12-03 along with that one from Andrew; I don't remember the analysis.

Hmmm, you're right that it uses the hwaddr before it's been set; that's
bogus; the SIOCGIFHWADDR in case DHCPSTATE_INIT is what gets the ESA to use
there.  That's a bug.

At a glance I would have thought one wants to keep the same xid for a
particular station for as long as you retain the same IP address - which is
why it took care only to initialize it in case DHCPSTATE_INIT.

Over to ASCOM to have a chat and decide what to do - tell me why a new xid
was generated every time?  Or I'll just change it back?

Relevent ChangeLogs follow FYI.

	- Huge

   2001-12-04  Jonathan Larmour  <jlarmour@redhat.com>
   	   * src/lib/bootp_support.c: Check CYGINT_ISO_DNS (from
   	   <pkgconf/isoinfra.h>) instead of CYGPKG_ISO_DNS.
   2001-12-03   Andrew Lunn  <Andrew.Lunn@ascom.ch>
   	   * src/lib/bootp_support.c: get_bootp_option(): Take the
   	   max length of data we want out of the bootp record.
   	   * src/lib/dhcp_prot.c: Pass the length we expect for an option.
>  2001-08-16  Anssi Pulkkinen <Anssi.Pulkkinen@ascom.ch>
>	   * src/lib/dhcp_prot.c: Make sure we use the newly calculated xid.
>  2001-08-02  Anand Srivastava <Anand.Srivastava@ascom.ch>
> 	   * src/lib/dhcp_prot.c do_dhcp: ID calculation must be done only
> 	   once. moved it out the loop. 
   2001-11-21  Hugo Tyson  <hmt@redhat.com>

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