[ECOS] DHCP server xid

Robin Farine acnrf@dial.eunet.ch
Tue Jan 29 02:37:00 GMT 2002


While updating my local eCos sources tree, I noticed a strange change in
the tcpip package: file src/lib/dhcp_prot.c, RCS version 1.10, routine
do_dhcp(). This routine always regenerates the XID, even in the case of
a lease renewal. Moreover, it uses values from the interface request
which isn't initialized at this point. If some nodes boot at the same
time and run the same release of their software, they will probably
generate the same XID, which ultimately results into duplicated IP
addresses on the network ...

Could someone please give the rationale of this change, I've searched
the ChangeLog without success (I may have missed it, though).



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