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Jing Luo Jing@vicom.com
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Thanks for your reply.
I want to clarify my question for Memory allocation.
I want to know the following detailed information about memory allocation in
1. Do you have benchmark for memory allocation? in Deterministic or
non-deterministic mode?
I would appreciate if anyone can give more detailed benchmark for message
transactions on Intel Xscale. such as memory allocation, message
send,dispatch/schedule switching, message receive time.

2. Does eCos have the capability for memory allocation to user processes,
including management of shared memory space ?

3. Does eCos have protection from user corruption of system memory space ?

4. Does eCos allow multiple threads (within the same group) share a
(protected) memory space?

And additional question about eCos:
1. Does eCos have porting experience for distributed RTOS?

2. Does eCos have porting experience on multiprocessing porting, especially
on Intel Xscale?

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Jing Luo wrote:
> Hi Ravi,
> Thanks for your reply.
> I am working on Intel 80200 based on Xscale Microarchitecture.
> Does someone have experience to port eCos on this microprocessor?
> I am trying to evaluate eCos to see if it fits our requirement.
> I have some more questions about eCos on Xscale, wish someone can give me
> hand.
> 1. Does eCos have task limitation on Xscale in Multitasking?

eCos is multi-threaded, not multi-tasking. A lot of efficient RTOS's are
like that to avoid the overhead of task switching.

As for the number of threads, there isn't any real limit using the default
multi-level queue scheduler.

> 2. Pend on the logical AND/OR of event flags is available?

Yes eCos has a "flags" synchronization object, an idea based on uItron (and
used by the uItron compatibility layer).
> 3. How eCos dealing with memory partition services?

What do you mean?

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