[ECOS] System timer resolution and TCP/IP package

Martin Buck martin.buck@ascom.ch
Fri Jan 25 06:47:00 GMT 2002

Jurica Baricevic wrote:
> cyg_thread_delay(1) seems fine.

Completely unrelated to your questions, but cyg_thread_delay(1) reminds
me of something I always wanted to ask:

How long does cyg_thread_delay(1) wait, assuming a 10ms tick? 0-10ms or

If it's 0-10ms, then it's pretty dangerous to use, because you usually
mean[1] "some short delay in the order of a few ms", but you could just
as well get no delay at all, if the next timer interrupt happens to
arrive right after the call to cyg_thread_delay().


[1] At lest I do ;-)

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