[ECOS] How do i download the VxWorks image

Deepak Shetty deepaks@sasken.com
Thu Jan 24 23:00:00 GMT 2002

can someone help me out on this ??

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> Hi, folks
> I am currently working on an Intel IQ80310 IOP board and need to downlaod
> the VxWorks image bootrom.bin provided on to the on-board flash
> unfortunately the board manual doesnt describe the memory location /
> address where i need to put in the image for proper execution of the same.
> the board has redboot as the boot monitor, and i need to use the FRU (
> flash recovery utility ) provided by the intel people to download the
> image ( redboot as well as any other, for eg: vxwrks ) onto the on board
> flash via the PCI interface of the PC to which the board is connected.
> but i guess i need to downlaod the image to a specified address of the
> flash as there is a rotary switch setting provided on the board if the
> image downlaoded is of vxworks, but the manual doesnt give the address of
> the same
> any idea where i need to download the image of vxworks ? in case any one
> has dealt with such similar prob before ? I am unable to get any support
> from wrs / intel on the same :(
> also usualy how is the memory mapped for the flash ...? redboot shows some
> info when i enter fis list & fis free, but i am confused ... can someone
> tell me how is the memory mapping present betn the flash and the onboard
> 32MB RAM ?
> Thanx,
> deepak
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