[ECOS] eCos TCP/IP Performance

Paul Randall prandall@delta-info.com
Wed Jan 23 11:24:00 GMT 2002

Thanks for the info Doug.

I was initially hoping to use the SMSC 91C111 Ethernet controller since it
did not require a PCI bus as I understand the 21143 and 82559 do.
Unfortunately, the 91C111 does not support DMA.

Was your experience with the PowerPC using the MPC860T or a different MPC8XX
variant?  It looks to me like the MPC860T chip was designed to do Fast
Ethernet.  It would discourage me from considering that solution if you had
trouble getting it to do 10 Mbit/s.


Doug Fraser wrote:

> It is going to be partly based on your interface.
> Some ethernet controllers are fairly intelligent
> as far as frame handling and DMA, some are quite
> simple and require lots of processor effort to
> feed them. In the given example, I assume that
> the vxWorks implementation was probably using zbufs
> to avoid copies. I do not know what ethernet hardware
> is on that board, but I can tell you that an SA-110
> talking to a DEC 21143 can handle 10Mb/Sec at 233Mhz
> with lots (LOTS) of processing left over for other
> applications. I feel it could probably handle 100Mb/Sec
> and still do reasonable work. That illustrates a
> relatively intelligent Ethernet controller performing
> DMA over PCI. I also have experience with MPC8xx
> (not the 82xx) and will tell you that they grovel in
> the mud trying to handle 10Mb/Sec with the built in
> SCCs. Different board architectures, different design goals.
> Doug
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> > Hi All,
> >
> > I am researching several RTOSs and processors for an ethernet
> > application.  The application is a board that takes serial MPEG-2 data
> > at up to 32Mbits/sec and packetizes the data for transmission over UDP
> > on Fast Ethernet.  eCos looks very promising as a RTOS for our design.
> >
> > I am looking for UDP or TCP performance data for the processors and/or
> > platforms supported by eCos to be sure we can handle this throughput.
> >
> > I searched the archive for this mailing list and found one post that
> > addresses TCP/IP performance.  The author (Richard Wicks) said he was
> > able to get 20 Mbits/sec on a IQ80310 board with an Intel XScale
> > processor running at 600 MHz.  He also said that under VxWorks he was
> > able to get 40 Mbits/sec.
> >
> > Does anyone else have UDP or TCP performance numbers for the various
> > platforms supported by eCos?  Is a 600 Mhz processor really
> > necessary to
> > get this throughput?
> >
> > Our application will be packetizing the data close to the maximum
> > ethernet frame size of 1500 bytes.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Paul Randall
> > Delta Information Systems
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