[ECOS] BSE MediaEngine flash banks + redboot configuration

Gad Hayisraeli gad@syete.co.il
Tue Jan 22 00:05:00 GMT 2002

1. I tried to burn the pre-built redboot_post.bin into the BSE
mediaEngine flash, but it loads and says:
"+Flash configuration checksum error or invalid key" and hangs.
I tried also to rebuild the redboot from latest cvs sources 
(using ecosconfig offcourse), but it do not load at all.
Please help !
2. i'm using mediaEngine with bank0 of 4 mb, and bank 1 of 16 mb.
kernel: 2.4.17-rmk2-bse patch to support mediaEngine.
but when the kernel boots(without redboot), i see it recognizes only the
first flash bank.
what shall i do ?
(i tried to alter sa1100-flash.c partitions but no use.)


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