[ECOS] Reboot up, but network questions

Michael Kelly mike@cogcomp.com
Mon Jan 21 14:13:00 GMT 2002

At 03:59 PM 1/21/2002 -0500, Michael Kelly wrote:
>Hi all,
>I haver made more progress.  My intial problems
>were mostly related to bad setup of my PCI bridge.
>Als the various base addresses needed for PCI
>were quite confusing.  In fact it appears that you
>must map the CPU and PCI 1:1 or nothing will
>Anyway, with that now working, my next issue was
>networking.  My 82559 passes it's tests and I can
>ping another node on the network.  However, I can
>not ping the target (even though I have given it
>a default IP address).  I also cannot telnet to the
>board, but I presume these are related problems.
>Any ideas?
>Another issue is boot up time.  I am running out
>of EPROM with the caches off for now.  However,
>it takes over 1 minute to get from the end of the 82559
>self test to the redboot prompt.  This seems quite
>extreme.  Again, any ideas?  Is there a way to
>determine what redboot is even doing all this time?
>I have turned on every debug flag I could get my
>hands on, but I get silence for the whole delayed time.
>Many thanks for the help so far,
>Michael J. Kelly

Well I solved the delay problem.  There is a routine
hal_delay_us that you define in your platform files.
However, you also need the following define:

#define HAL_DELAY_US(n) hal_delay_us(n);

This will cause the generic HAL code to use
this for most all timing needs.  Since I was
running from EPROM with caches off, the
default delays were too long.  once I turn caches
on, I can either hard code a new delay routine
or even ifdef so I know if I am cached or not.

I don't think this was documented anywhere,
but it is quite possible I missed it.  It was in some
of the platform examples though.


P.S.  Ping to the target is now working as well
as BOOTP, but I still cannot telnet to it.  Is there a
config option I have missed?  Please help.

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