[ECOS] Reboot up, but network questions

Michael Kelly mike@cogcomp.com
Mon Jan 21 12:58:00 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I haver made more progress.  My intial problems
were mostly related to bad setup of my PCI bridge.
Als the various base addresses needed for PCI
were quite confusing.  In fact it appears that you
must map the CPU and PCI 1:1 or nothing will

Anyway, with that now working, my next issue was
networking.  My 82559 passes it's tests and I can
ping another node on the network.  However, I can
not ping the target (even though I have given it
a default IP address).  I also cannot telnet to the
board, but I presume these are related problems.
Any ideas?

Another issue is boot up time.  I am running out
of EPROM with the caches off for now.  However,
it takes over 1 minute to get from the end of the 82559
self test to the redboot prompt.  This seems quite
extreme.  Again, any ideas?  Is there a way to
determine what redboot is even doing all this time?
I have turned on every debug flag I could get my
hands on, but I get silence for the whole delayed time.

Many thanks for the help so far,

Michael J. Kelly
VP Engineering/Marketing
Cogent Computer Systems, Inc.
1130 Ten Rod Road
Suite A-201
North Kingstown, RI 02852
tel:401-295-6505 fax:401-295-6507

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