[ECOS] loading file to redboot

Nilesh Tarale ntatensoft@yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 08:27:00 GMT 2002

Dear sir,

I am newbie in redboot.. I want to load ecos through
I am using serial communication.I have booted a
pc-i586 by redboot and running minicom on other pc
having linux. How should i approch, because when i
start minicom on linux pc and boot other with redboot.
The control of redboot pc comes over to minicom. I
have tried following command..
load -r -b 0x0007c080 -m xmodem ping.o

after this it prints CCCCCCCC$$$$$$$.
Then i have tried the above load command and
immediatly i pressed control A-Z then selected x
modem.. but still it is not working.
Kindly provide the solution..
Thanx in anticipation.

Nilesh Tarale

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