[ECOS] eCos TCP/IP Performance

Paul Randall prandall@delta-info.com
Mon Jan 21 07:11:00 GMT 2002

Hi All,

I am researching several RTOSs and processors for an ethernet
application.  The application is a board that takes serial MPEG-2 data
at up to 32Mbits/sec and packetizes the data for transmission over UDP
on Fast Ethernet.  eCos looks very promising as a RTOS for our design.

I am looking for UDP or TCP performance data for the processors and/or
platforms supported by eCos to be sure we can handle this throughput.

I searched the archive for this mailing list and found one post that
addresses TCP/IP performance.  The author (Richard Wicks) said he was
able to get 20 Mbits/sec on a IQ80310 board with an Intel XScale
processor running at 600 MHz.  He also said that under VxWorks he was
able to get 40 Mbits/sec.

Does anyone else have UDP or TCP performance numbers for the various
platforms supported by eCos?  Is a 600 Mhz processor really necessary to
get this throughput?

Our application will be packetizing the data close to the maximum
ethernet frame size of 1500 bytes.


Paul Randall
Delta Information Systems

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