[ECOS] Enabling network on Assabet/Neponset for RedBoot

Srijon Biswas srijon@innvo.com
Mon Jan 21 03:35:00 GMT 2002

   I had sent a mail earlier regarding enabling of the CF card for the SA1110
based Assabet/Neponset combination. Thanks for all the replies that I received. 

>From all the answers that I received, what I understood was that, firstly the 
CF card had not been tested fully with the Assabet/Neponset, though it worked
fine with Assabet alone. Further, Todd said that the network worked if the CF
slot on the Assabet is used.

I am not too keen on trying that, since the documentation expressly states that
after attaching the Neponset, the CF slot on the Assabet should not be used. 
Otherwise, some ?transievers? (or something - not too sure what :) MAY be destroyed...
I am afraid of blowing up the CF card, or, much worse - the board itself :)

So, I am now trying to get the SMSC LAN91cxx on the neponset to work. Again, going
through the mailing list, it seems that the support for that to work in 8-bit mode 
(as it does, on the Assabet/Neponset) has already been added by ?Jordi Colomer?. I got
the patch, but it seems to be no different from the original source that I got from CVS 
some time ago, so I assume that it has been incorporated into the source.

<So -- that was the introduction :) >

Also, the LAN91cxx code is being used in the arm/flexanet compilation. But I am at a loss
as to how to proceed to put it into the assabet/neponset code too.
Is there any sort of documentation regarding the configuration files - ie. the syntax of the
".cdl" files, etc. That might help a bit. What I am trying to do, is to change the configuration
for assabet/neponset, such that I don't compile in CF, but compile in LAN91cxx.

And, I also did not really understand, what or where in the SMSC/LAN91CXX code the change 
was, that enabled 8-bit access, as opposed to 16-bit access. 

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you,

  Srijon Biswas  

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