[ECOS] Now What (New Port)

Michael Kelly mike@cogcomp.com
Mon Jan 21 03:11:00 GMT 2002


I have my ecos/redboot EPROM all burned in.  I get past
the hardware init and pci init (I print simple messages
to a character LCD display).  I get a single plus sign '+'
out of port 0, and then.... nothing. :-(  So now where do
I look?  I notice that the port I copied is using a hal_diag.c
file to implement a serial driver, even though the generic
16x5x driver is also being setup.  I see that most of the
ports do this so I did as well.  Anyway, any clues as
to what I do next would be most appreciated.  BTW, is the
'+' a prompt or is it something from the GDB stubs.  If it
is GDB, then where is Redboot's prompt?

Thanks in advance,

Michael J. Kelly
VP Engineering/Marketing
Cogent Computer Systems, Inc.
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