[ECOS] Time base

Igor Trevisan igor.trevisan@bluewind.it
Mon Jan 14 09:09:00 GMT 2002


I've a problem with time-base: I need to check a certain event every
5ms, so I need a time-base resolution that is less than the 5ms 
interval I have to deal with;
I thought to create a high priority task that awakes every 5ms, 
does some simple operations to handle "its" event and then
sleep for other 5ms.
How can I do this?
I'm working with a CirrusLogic EP7209 ARM core processor.
I built a short test program to check real-time clock ticks interval
duration and it seems to be about 10ms, that's really longer
then what I would need!
Thanks 4 the attenction you would pay to my question!

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