[ECOS] again: server_test dosn't work

Martin Buck martin.buck@ascom.ch
Thu Jan 10 06:45:00 GMT 2002

Andrew Lunn wrote:
> There are a few solutions to the problem.....
> Use bootp and DHCP, one for each IP address and configure the servers
> with different IP address ranges.
> Statically allocate an IP address for one of the stacks. Get the other
> dynamically.

Or teach the DHCP client code to use different client identifiers for
Redboot and eCos. Then the DHCP server could look at the client
identifiers in the DHCP request and assign different IP addresses, even
if the Ethernet addresses in both requests are the same.

But does DHCP with Redboot work properly at all? Does Redboot still
renew its lease once eCos is running? If not, you have to use BOOTP or
static addresses anyway.


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