[ECOS] Porting of PPP to the eCos operating system

Erik Aagaard Knudsen EAK@penell.com
Mon Jan 7 00:22:00 GMT 2002

Hi Robert Martin,

Actually I am only porting the parts from pppd which are relevant for eCos.
This is most of it though.

I am not porting dial on demand, most of the signal processing, which is
only relevant for processes, some of the authentication, which is related to
login on a a workstation. I intend to change storage of authentication
information, which is now file based to being stored in a global structure.

I have decided to completely remove the parts, which I am not porting from
the code. I know this makes future updates from the original pppd more
difficult, and also that I will have do some more testing. I do this to make
the code more readable and easier to maintain.

The memory requirements of the port depends on how many features you include
(compression etc.). I have done a partial port of pppd a couple of years ago
to XINU (another operating system). The memory footprint of this port was
about 100 kB. I know this is pretty much, but it should also be seen in the
light of the size of the BSD TCP/IP port, which is somewhat more than that.
You can find ppp's with a much smaller footprint, sure, but they do not have
all the functionalities that pppd offers. Another point is that memory is
getting less and less scarce. I am porting to an Atmel EB40 board, but I
have upgraded memory from 512 kB to 2 MB. I don't think it is possible to
make any serious networking with eCos (and the BSD TCP/IP stack) in less
than 1 MB. The final platform will be our own board still based on an
ARM7TDMI processor, but with RAM up to 4 MB and flash up to 2MB. Perhaps I
should note that we intend to port OpenSSL to this platform also.

Best Regards
Erik Aa. Knudsen
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