[ECOS] A C++ question regarding the delete operator

Chris Sekula chriss@turnpikeglobal.com
Tue Jan 1 08:00:00 GMT 2002

Yes, after looking through the code a bit more thoroughly, I believe
that memory had been allocated in another method when the pointer was
However, I'm still curious as to what may happen if 'delete' is called
on a pointer that is created locally without the 'new' operator ever
being invoked.
Any thoughts?

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	> Recently, I came across some code for a linked list where a
pointer to a
	> structure is declared locally in a function and initialized.
Later in
	> the function, the 'delete' operator is used on the pointer,
yet the
	> 'new' operator was never used to allocate any memory on the
	> For example:
	> void fun
	> {
	>      struct ListNode* temp;
	>      temp = head    // head is a member of the Linked List
	>      ///  more code ///
	>     delete temp;
	> };
	> Will there be any adverse affects if delete is used on the
	> although the new operator had never been invoked?
	This is fine as long as the pointer "head" has been allocated
	"new" sometime in the past, peharps in another call when the
	linked list was created.

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