[ECOS] PowerPC SMC serial port drivers.

Erik Reikes ereikes@hotmail.com
Wed Feb 27 14:42:00 GMT 2002

I've got a bit of confusion on the allocation of serial ports on the MPC860 
PowerPC processor.

A little background :
I am using an A&M Viper board to test out some software that is to run on 
Ecos.  I am using the Redboot that was supplied by A&M in flash.  It 
defaults to what they are calling serial port 2 but is really hooked up to 
SMC1.  It appears to me that the other serial port (what they are calling 
port 1) is hooked up to SCC port 1.

I found a couple of messages relating to a port of the SCC for use as a UART 
on the diag channel a while back.  Did this code ever get rolled into the 
CVS tree for Ecos?  If so, is there a configuration option I am missing that 
enables it?  If not was there a reason it didn't?

I have a need for the extra serial port, so I may just have to write/modify 
a driver to talk to it.

I suppose my other option is to get the ethernet debugging going and use 
SMC1 as my data port.  It seems my DHCP server doesn't respond to the bootp 
requests from redboot, but I haven't tried very hard to figure this one out 

Thanks in advance.

-Erik Reikes

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