[ECOS]tm_basic (memory) problem

Andrea Acquaviva aacquaviva@deis.unibo.it
Tue Feb 26 16:40:00 GMT 2002

Hi all,
I run into problems while running tm_basic tests. The tests hangs as
soon as it reaches the assignment of nsamples in tm_basic_main. The
other tests don't have problems. I found that the dimension of the
executable is quite strange:

    text       data     bss                      dec
hex     filename
  26924    5124 23368684        23400732        165111c

I have 64MB of sdram installed on my board, so I don't think that this
should be a problem. However, the strange thing is that the dimension is
so great even if I comment all the code starting from:
new_thread(run_all_tests, 0).

Summarizing, what I observed is that if I do a reference to a static
defined variable like nsamples or nmutexes the size of the executable
increases a lot and the program hangs.

Thanks for your help,

Ing. Andrea Acquaviva
D.E.I.S. - Universita' di Bologna
V.le Risorgimento, 2    40136 BOLOGNA (ITALY)
Tel: (+39) 051 20 93787 Fax: (+39) 051 2093786

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