[ECOS] Insight 5.1.1 with Angel /serial debugger

Charles-Henri Balet charles-henri@bluewin.ch
Tue Feb 26 14:39:00 GMT 2002

I use Insight 5.1.1 on an ARM processor on a board with Angel 1.20, the
link, download, debugger work fine,
my problem, the ecos startup code in the Vectors.s file, this startup
replace vectors in the vector table and when the
vector of the undefined instruction is replaced, insight freeze, I'm have to
start step by step and the problem is
on the line "str     r2,[r0,#0x24]"

this is the part of the warm_reset where the problem appear :

        mov     r0,#0           // move vectors
        ldr     r1,=__exception_handlers
        // Wait with this if stubs are included (see further down).
        ldr     r2,[r1,#0x04]   // undefined instruction
        str     r2,[r0,#0x04]
        ldr     r2,[r1,#0x24]
        str     r2,[r0,#0x24]
        ldr     r2,[r1,#0x08]   // software interrupt
        str     r2,[r0,#0x08]

I have built an "RAM" startup, with enable of

any has any idea, can we modify the vectors table with an Angel debugger ?

many thanks

balet charles-henri

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