[ECOS] Using Config tool for ECOS on ARM Evaluator 7T

Jacques Ehrlich ehrlich@lcpc.fr
Wed Feb 20 11:38:00 GMT 2002

I am using ecos Configuration Tool 1.3.net and I'm trying to build the
library for an ARM Evaluator 7T card.
When I select Build->Templates, the dialog box offer the following choices :
- ARM dev board (PID)
- ARM eval board (AEB-1)
- Cirrus Logic dev board
- Cogent CMA etc...
What is the good selection for my E7T card ?
Is the default Configuration OK ?
Thank you
Jacques Ehrlich | LIVIC (INRETS-LCPC) |
Laboratoire sur les Interactions Véhicules, Infrastructure, Conducteurs
tel:33(0)1 4043 2903 | fax:33(0)1 4043 2930 | mob:33(0)6 6336 9499

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