[ECOS] Just Wanted to kick the tires

Brian Findlay brfindla@yahoo.com
Wed Feb 20 10:01:00 GMT 2002

  I was interested in investigating eCOS as a
possiblity in a coming project as opposed to a very
few other limited OS possibilities.  I have fought in
vain for a few days trying to get the GNU toolchain
and compilers built (target for MPC860T on MBX board,
under Cygwin on a Win2K machine).. but have been
unable. As I have a very finite amount of time to
check out eCOS,  I really didn't want to waste it
trying to build the tools to make it.  Is there
*ANYWHERE* I can download the binarys for binutils and
CrossCompiler? I would hate to have to scrap checking
out what looks so promising.. and obviously, I am not
a GNU toolchain expert..  Any help would be greatly


Brian Findlay

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